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Bat Guano Fertilizer is being produced in 2 forms. 1. Powder . 2. Granule.

Both bat guano fertilizer products are heated and hygiened. They do not contain harmful organisms. In large area feeding applications, granule product preferred cause easy to throw. Dry Bat Guano prices are little higher according to liquid form.

Benefits of Dry Bat Guano : Dry Bat guano manure is a 100% natural compost created from the fertilizer of bats. This normal item is loaded with macronutrients and additionally follow components that are known to be fundamental for the development of plants. It additionally serves to essentially enhance the surface of the dirt by restricting together free soil particles and making thick soil lighter. This gives a sound bed to the harvests to thrive. The natural recipe is held more successfully in the dirt than the inorganic variations and is less inclined to filtering, accordingly feeding the yields for an any longer term. The microorganisms that are normally present in this natural item are demonstrated to remediate a few soil sicknesses. They diminish the lethality of the dirt and enhance the air and water maintenance abilities by releasing the dirt particles. The disintegrating activity of the microorganisms disposes of hurtful worms and enhances the soundness of the dirt. This microbial activity additionally makes the manure a reasonable element for accelerating the age of fertilizer from natural waste.


dry bat guano