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Humic Acid Supplement 100% produced from leonardite is commonly used via drippage systems. It is easy to organize soil and most cheaper.

Humic acid for lawns

prices in Turkey are competitive, and is a gathering of particles that dilemma to, and help plant roots get, water and supplements. High humic corrosive levels can drastically build yields. Humic corrosive inadequacy can keep agriculturists and nursery workers from developing harvests with ideal sustenance. Tried and true way of thinking today disregards humic acids, however, holding that it is difficult to develop and keep up a urban scene, for example, a recreation center, green, or grass without high-examination NPK composts.

Please find Humic Acid Analysis Report below.

Potassium K Humate Analysis Report
Potassium K Humate Report Values


humic acid